What You Need to Know About Pre Approved Mortgages

Pre approved mortgages are an essential step in the home purchasing process, as they demonstrate your seriousness about purchasing a property and show sellers and their real estate agents that you possess the financial capacity to buy one. They also help narrow down the search for a house by giving you an idea of what type of homes you can afford and an estimate of monthly mortgage payments you can afford.

When Should I Obtain Pre Approval?
The ideal time to secure pre approval for a home loan is early in the housing market. This gives you time to fix any credit issues or other financial roadblocks that might prevent you from getting what you desire. It’s also wise to compare lenders as some may offer lower rates and fees than others.

How Does a Pre Approval Affect My Credit?
A pre approval is an official letter from a lender indicating your likelihood of approval for an amount of money. It’s not guaranteed, though; you still need to fill out an application and supply supporting documentation, plus the lender may conduct a background check on both you and the home before giving final approval.

What Is the Price of a Mortgage Pre Approval?
In order to be pre approved for a mortgage, you’ll need to submit financial documents such as pay stubs, bank statements and tax returns to your lender. They will then conduct an extensive analysis of your situation in order to identify loan options and estimate how much you can borrow.

How Long Does a Pre-Approval Take?
Depending on the lender, pre-approval can take anywhere from one week to one month. Furthermore, lenders differ in how they manage paperwork and other steps necessary for pre-approval; so be sure to ask your lender about their specific processes.

Does a Mortgage Pre-Approval Affect My Credit?
It is common for mortgage preapprovals to be affected by changes in your credit history. This could include increases or decreases in debt-to-income ratio (the amount of debt compared to income). Furthermore, receiving an income raise or changing jobs can impact eligibility for a mortgage loan.

Resubmitting a mortgage application can take up to two months before your pre-approval is reinstated. This is because the lender needs time to verify all of your financial data and conduct an extensive background check on both you and the property you’re purchasing.

How Do Pre-Approvals Affect My Debt-to-Income Ratio?
Mortgage pre-approvals usually set a limit of 50% for debt-to-income ratio. If the buyer’s debt increases – even if their income stays constant – their pre-approval could be revoked, making it harder for them to obtain a mortgage.

What Should I Do if I Cannot Find a Pre Approved Home?